How our products are used by organizations to solve problems.


At Combotto, we build software that lets companies integrate their robots into a single software platform for integrating and managing robots at global scale. Our software helps companies to solve complex problems, increase productivity and reduce cost by bringing in cost-effective robot solutions to collaborate with people.

Use cases:

  • Robot integration to the cloud: Robot Operating System (ROS & ROS2) integrations to the cloud to build new cloud-native applications for robots to improve customer experience by connecting autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and autonomous ground vehicles (AGV) to the cloud.
  • Streaming machine learning: to help robots navigate its environment with computer vision.
  • Remote diagnostics & monitoring: by collecting and analyzing real-time log data from robots over the internet to reduce maintenance cost.

Real-time event streaming platforms makes it possible for robotics companies to integrate their robots for new real-time use-cases at global scale.


Combotto helps automotive manufacturers with the integration of vehicle data into event streaming / IoT platforms, that can be used by analysts, automotive engineers and assembly line workers to solve problems with assembly plants operations and connected cars.

Use cases:

  • Connected car infrastructure: to improve consumer safety and product quality with problem detection in sensor data from connected vehicles.
  • Intelligent manufacturing: to reduce cost by performing predictive maintenance to replace parts before they break on the machines / robots at the assembly plant.
  • Real-time applications: to improve customer experience with new mobile applications and in-car experiences.

Automotive manufacturers can unlock lots of new value if they use the data from vehicles and combines it with event streaming platforms.